January 29, 2012

Here’s a few random things about me.

In case you didn’t know it yet, my name is Travis Johansen. I am a bit of a technology junkie and a visual artist all-in-one.

If there is one thing I enjoy doing most, it’s probably learning. In particular, I love learning and hearing peoples stories and learning about people. Whether it’s of a friends’ journey of far off places or a relative sharing how they lived life before getting electricity, I just love hearing stories and learning new things.┬áIf I had an hour to kill, I’d probably spend it on Youtube or Vimeo watching cool videos way before sitting down to watch TV. I prefer regular over decaf, moccas over lattes, and you can never have too much cream or sugar. I’m a big dog guy that used to drive a truck but now I drive a 4 door sedan with a car-seat in the back with my little baby girl named Clara.

Kyleigh, Clara, and I now live just 15 minutes north of downtown Minneapolis off East River road on the boarder of Coon Rapids and Fridley with our red picket fence and a big backyard. While I’ve got big dreams and ambitions, like changing the world, I just try to enjoy each day and live each moment. A couple of my favorite quotes I try to live by come from a former youth pastor: “BE where you are” (ie. be present to the situation, people, surroundings, and moment you are living) and “life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

Life is about the people we meet, fall in love with, and become part of our story in making this world just a little bit better for our future generation.

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